Ross Linden Engineers PC provides structural engineering services for a wide variety of clients throughout North Carolina and the Southeast region.  We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of design services in an efficient and timely manner.  Our attention to detail and communication enable us to provide a finished product that is complete and thorough.

With experience in the design of steel, concrete, masonry, and wood structures of all kinds, we are able to offer innovative design solutions to a range of engineering challenges.   We have experience in the design of multi-story steel-framed commercial buildings, as well as single-story wood- or light gauge metal-framed office buildings.  Sometimes, a creative approach is required when our clients require renovations to existing structures. We have been involved in the evaluation and renovation of existing historic structures.  We have also been involved in the less glamorous, though equally important business of structural design for industrial and infrastructure projects.   We have experience in the design of equipment foundations, waste transfer stations and associated landfill structures, and concrete water and wastewater structures.

Those in the residential construction business will tell you that building a residence is different than building a commercial building.  The design process is different as well.  There is a separate North Carolina Residential Code that contains regulations specific to the design and construction of one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses.  The construction methods and inspection process for residential projects requires engineers to fully understand the current Residential Code and modern construction products.  Ross Linden Engineers PC has been working on residential projects since our start in 2002.   It is our goal to provide residential builders with engineered construction drawings of the utmost quality.  We believe that our attention to detail and standard of care enables our clients to build more efficiently and with fewer construction issues and inspection items.   We work with designers and architects to provide complete structural plans for custom home designs of all sizes.   We also have experience in the evaluation of existing homes and preparation of plans for renovations and additions.

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